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I am an appliance consumer...past 45 years.    I have been partial, and had  best luck, with Whirpool and GE.   My first Whirlpool washer was going strong at 22 years, when I gave it away.   Our Whirlpool thin twin was also going strong at 20, when we replaced it just on general principle! ( Have had to replace the water temp control board TWICE).  Had a Fridg. DW a few years back, but was not crazy about it.   Now have a WP, and except for the main power button on the membrane keypad disintigrating, it has been fine.
I have been reading on here about somewhat less satisfaction with the newer WP and GE.  I realize that 40 or even 20 years ago was a different world!
Prior to my current medical leave status, I worked for a supply company providing among other things, appliances mainly to appartments and hotels.   In recent years, warranty service has been problematic.   Especially if not in a big city, it seems that customers may have a hard time finding a service company willing to come out.   And often when they do, they just declare "non repairable" and throw it back to our  court to replace the unit.    If we cannot get someone to service it, we send a replacement, and file a claim to the mfg.    PITA!
LG is among the most difficult to get service for, especially since we sell mainly "appartment grade" models, not the very high end high tech versions, although there is more demand now for HE washers, Energy Star and water sense DW, etc. due to rebates and local gov. regs.
LG HVAC  ( wall, window, PTAC, and minis)  is a different company, but service can be the same issues.


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