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Kenmore Electric Dryer won't Start/Run but will Heat

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My Kenmore Electric Dryer (110.67732791) won't Start/Run (but will Heat) and makes a buzzing sound while holding the Start Switch :tickedoff: [/size]. I have 120/240 AC Voltage on the Electric Cord that attaches to the back of the dryer. The Door Switch clicks and Interior Drum Light turns Off & On when pressed. The drum turns easily both direction's. Therefore, could it be a broken Belt, Start Switch, Drive Motor or Timer :) [/size]. Also, please include instruction's on how to check the electrical component for Continuity (or Ohm's). I know how to use a Mutimeter but don't know which terminal pin's to check and what Ohm reading it should show.

How do you know it heats if it wont start or run?

While pressing the Start Switch, I opened the Door and pushed the Door Switch with Timed Dry cycle selected and saw the Heating Element glowing in the rear part of the drum :popcorn: .

Replace the motor, part # 279827

Dryer Motor Replacement Help Video

The centrifugal switch on the motor is stuck in the closed position.
May be due to a lint buildup.
You may be able to unstick it.
If not,AJ is correct....motor time.


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