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Hello, Working on a Model# GHW9150PWO washer and it is making alot of noise... I was told it was a bearing but when I look online at the diagrams I do NOT see a bearing... I see shocks and springs .. Are they maybe the problem? I can wiggle the tub really freely!! Any ideas and how hard it is to fix!! Any help is deeply appreciated as I have not worked on one of these before nonly the old top loads... Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!!

Bearing are in the back half of tub, you will need to get back half tub & basket. If cod give est. First.

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Have them call Whirlpool customer service.  They'll send them the basket and both tub halves. If you're lucky, they'll send it fully assembled. Whirlpool will call you to confirm the diagnosis.  You don't have to be factory authorized to do the job, I've done three of them.

Thanks bigbuck and tgoods, any idea how much to charge for the labor ? and how difficult is it to change? any videoes out there? Sorry for all the questions but this would be my first one! Thanks again in advance for any help on these questions.....

Tgoods, is there a time limit on wp sending out a free replacement tub?


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