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LG model LFX23961ST doesnt blow cold air to fridge when you close the freezer..

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wow..I'm stumped or stupid..I've gone through every inch of this fridge and can not bring myself to think its a computer problem. The damper is open, actually took the duct vent away to check. All vents are clear..No ICE buildup what so ever and the fans are working very strong. When ever I shut the bottom freezer door, the cold air to the fridge stops blowing into it. The fan is working when I do this! The return air vent has been steamed and is getting proper air flow..Its a LG LFX23961ST french door model..Any suggestions?..Thanks!

Does it beep as if a door is left open? You may have your alarm turned off. So if you open the freezer drawer, and hold in the door switches, you have airflow to your fresh food section? And if yes, you close the door to find it not allowing proper air flow? :D

If all ducting is clear, I would ensure your freezer switch is operating properly. :D

The fridge is not cooling properly..There is no air flow to the fridge..The fan that blows air to the freezer and the fridge through the air duct is working properly..There is no reason why the fridge shouldnt be cooling to a set temp otherwise. Why isnt it getting any air flow while the freezer door is shut?..As soon as the freezer door is opened, with the switch taped closed, it gets air flow?..Thanks

So keep the tape on the switch and close the door. If airflow does stop I would still believe return air has a block somewhere. :D


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