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Kenmore dishwasher clean light flashes 7x, won't turn on

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Our Kenmore Dishwasher (Model #665.16022403) isn't turning on.  If you select say the Potscrubber cycle, and whatever drying cycle, then hit the start button, nothing happens.  What I am seeing is that the green clean light (bottom light that comes on green when the dishwasher is finished) is continuously flashing 7X instead of a solid light.  When you hit the start button, the red light flashes 3x every time you hit that botton.  I've tried unplugging the dishwasher, but that didn't reset it.

Problem with heat circuit

Either the heater coil is open (burned out) or the heat circuit in the control board has fried. Check those first.

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Look behind the kick panel for the tech sheet.  Press Heated Dry, Normal, Heated Dry, Normal to clear the code.  Run it again to see if the code returns. If it does, you probably have a bad heater.  If the code doesn't return, the door may not have been closed completely.

OK, I noticed a lot of dry soap buildup on the door gasket, so I cleaned that off completely and wiped down where the door touches the gasket.  Then I pressed Heated Dry, Normal, Heated Dry, Normal and it cleared the code.  I started it up and it's ran 2 loads successfully, but it stopped and gave the flashing light 7x again.  Cleared the code and ran another load successfully.  It could be that the door isn't being closed completely (we all have a habit of pushing on one side or the other) and a sensor may not be getting full contact.

I do notice that after I start a load, if I open the door a few times in the first 20 minutes and quickly touch the heater element, it isn't hot at all.  But we do keep our hot water very very hot, so it may not need to heat the water.

I need to borrow a multimeter from work and remove the heating element and check to see if it is burned out.


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