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Kenmore 110.46462501 Front Loader won't spin

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Hi All,
My front-loading washer goes through the full cycle, but it won't spin (although it is not making any horrible grinding noises). It is a Kenmore 110.46462501 Ser# HLT0416815.  I suspect that my teenage son has frequently overloaded the washer, and consequently, some part has worn out.

I was hopeful that it was a simple enough fix, but have now been advised that it needs new bearings and that the labor involved makes the cost not worthwhile and that I should just replace it.

I am wondering whether learning how to replace these bearings might be a good job for that same teenaged son, especially as he is highly motivated to have clean clothes! I figure that if I am prepared to call the unit garbage, there is little harm in having him try. He is mechanically inclined, and is quite intelligent. I did find some explosion diagrams on another site, however, I know nothing about access to parts or a repair manual.  If anyone has any resources they would be willing to share, I'd be much obliged.

Oh, and I'm in Albany NY. If anyone one this list thinks that they can make this repair, I'm open to receiving a professional estimate!


Remove the lower front panel to access the drain pump amd filter.
The filter has a knob and rotates coutherclockwise.
Remove and clean the filter.
If the machine makes a grinding noise while running it could be bearings.

Thank you for your reply. I will do this tonight and see what comes of it. As I said in my post, I haven't heard it make an horrible noises. When we discovered the problem, it was only because the clothes on the bottom were soaked and the clothes on top never got wet. I would have expected a bearing problem to make noise like you said, so I'll at least run a diagnostic for a failure code to see if it shows anything about the motor, and check inside to make sure it isn't just a belt.

If it is the bearing (and assuming I can get the parts) is this a technically challenging job, or mostly just time-consuming?

To my knowledge you can not buy the bearings. You must change the tub.
If your laundry is not tumbling it could be a broken belt.
Did a tech come out and diagnose a bad bearimg?

Also very curious on how the bearings came into question??:D


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