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Jenn-Air JMV9186WS Vent Door Issue

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Hi- I have the above Jenn-Air Convection Microwave which up until the past week is working great - over the range style which now has a bug that is driving me nuts.  Seems it started with after using the microwave the to vent door which opens during use will open and close after use.  This unit did this right when we purchased it once and stopped after I unplugged it for a minute.  Now I can unplug the unit for 10+ minutes and it continues to open and close.

The fan itself does not turn on after use and you can manually turn the vent fan on and adjust the speeds from the front panel as you should.  First I thought this was a heat issue but it will do this even after running the MW for a 30 second cycle.

Any ideas?  maybe a dirty sensor if so where is the SOB and how do you get to it.  If not what does one think the repair cost would be?

Check micro switch for damper motor position. Labeled #17 in this diagram. Hope to help! :D

There is a motor up there that opens and closes the vent. It has a cam the opens and closes two micro switches. You can see all this if you look behind there. One of the switches may be stuck.One switch tells the board when the vent is open, the other tells when it has closed.

Bailey your my hero!  You were spot on with the issue and the solution.  Thanks.  The top sensor was ever so slightly stuck - a quick tap and it is doing it's thing.  Now I ask do you think that this would be related to faulty part or perhaps a slight grease build up?

The area was dry and clean but we do stir fry a lot and use a pressure cooker often which generates a lot of steam under the unit.

If I wanted to get a few replacement sensors do you know the FRU# or where I could get them assuming Jenn-Air did not have them as my unit is end of life already.

Thanks again



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