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Kenmore(by Amana?) armoire type-Frezzer working fine- Fridge not

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Good morning all,

Have an armoire style fridge/freezer unit that is Kenmore model # 596.73503203 but I understand a private labeled Amana unit.  One of the first armoire types offered about 10 years ago ?? Not sure of age.

Survived some flooding last fall but after a recent storm and power outage (no I didn't unplug it for when electric came back on) the refrigerator doesn't work now.  No cold at all.  Freezer and ice machine still working fine.




Are you saying the freezer and icemaker on this unit are working but the fresh food section is not?

Yes Bailey ...that's correct the refrigerator / Armoire double door section is not producing any cold ant all but the drawer freezer and ice machine are working perfectly.

Return air blockage,remove back panel on the freezer and defrost the side of the evaporator coils. The return air is probably blocked with frost. Check the fan as well.

At the top, in the back, the air from the freezer comes in through a damper control.Take the cover off and see if the door is open. Like stove guy says the fan in the freezer pushes cold air into the upper section. If the freezer temp is around zero you must have a blockage somewhere. It should be obvious.


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