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dishwasher fires & kenmore elite dw?



Model Number: 665.16059402

Brand: Sears Kenmore

Age: 6-10 years

Hello this is a neat forum. I just kept reading about a whole bunch of stuff, just to read the conclusion. It is sort of like a mystery novel... got to find out what happened. good work gentlemen!
Kenmore 66516059402 6 years old has had new wash motor, new pump out motor, 3 new detergent/rinse aid dispensers (see in #5 below)
1) Since the new wash motor replaced it seems noisier? Repair tech said we may be listening too closely? Also I did point out the "ooff ooff" noise when it pumps out to drain. He said that was the pump cavitating as it runs dry of water?? sound reasonable?

2) How often should I take out the parts in the sump to clean the food screen and chopper? When does this part need to be changed?

3) What buttons did he push to run a diagnostic test? I think it was turbo zone - heated dry , turbo zone - heated dry, and I think that many times ?? Could you point me to how that is done and how I can understand the info it tells please?
4) How or where can I find out if this is one of the dish washers that is prone to catching on fire?? I looked around and did not get any real answer.
I kept paying for service, but I told the tech that this Kenmore was a piece of junk, as i have paid as much in repairs or probably more than to purchase it. He said they tended not do a lot of repairs to these machines, not that they did not do any, but they were reliable. I guess I got the lemon.

5)I am kind of concerned about the the above, especially the fire in/on circuit contol panel. I have to do repairs myself now as I can't afford the Sears tech. The last bill was about $225 for the soap dispenser....... best part is it was changed because the rinse agent all drained out. NOW we are not sure if this one is working at all? The level is not seeming to go down in the resevoir.
Thank You I know this is a lot to ask.


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