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a friend gave me the dryer figured seeing as my other one was on its last leg i would take this one the only problem is all the wires to the  timer control are pulled off and i have no clue where they go if someone could possibly give me a picture of one wired so i know where to put everything it would be fine i tried reading the schematics for the wires but still confused.. need this asap...

I could not find a wiring diagram for that model. If you have a wiring diagram maybe you could post it for us along with a photo of the timer and wires you are working with.

I would have to wonder what is or was wrong with the dryer that someone felt the need to pull the wires off to start with.

Purple to S, Orange to M, White wire from buzzer to B, White to N, Thin red wire to R, thick red wire to H, resistor connected between A and R, timer motor wires connected between M and TM.

Using schematics here for reference.

picture is not possible at the time i searched for 4 hours trying to find the cam but couldn't seem to find it in all the boxes we just moved so yea still unpacking but ill try and follow the directions of tgoods if all fails then i shall post again with any more problems thanks guys.


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