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Microwave Maytag Dead

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New microwave, dead I get 120 volts as far as the relay on board, but no farther. Where can I find a wiring diagram? Could it be a bad relay?

Model UMC5200BAS


I have attached the tech sheet for your microwave.
Have a look at it and see if that help.

Is your microwave under the one year warranty?

Does the display on the board light up?
Can you program a time into it like you were going to heat something up, but the microwave oven does not start?

Ohm out the thermo cut-out and check the door switches.

The LV transformer on the PCB board is likely the problem. There is a 5-year warranty on this board if it was bought before 2006 but not before May 2003. Maytag may not release the part to you without proof of purchase, and they usually require that a qualified servicer do the repair.

You may have a difficult time finding this part, a RAS-5200-00. This unit was made by Samsung for Maytag.

Thanks everyone, hopefully all this will help. whirlpooltech board does not light up. No time or anything. all thermo cut off checked out ok, also all door switches ck okay.


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