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Maytag oven control board temp sensing logic

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AJ alerted me to this thread ... We often see temperature sensing failures. Various sensing methods are used depending on the control board. In the end they all do an analog to digital conversion. This includes several precision resistors and capacitors along with either an a/d chip or the microprocessor and sometimes an eeprom. We've seen failures due to any of these parts, often more than one. It's a sensitive circuit so all have to be pretty much right on for it to work properly. The capacitors can definitely cause trouble.

Note that, when you replace the capacitors, be sure to use a decent desoldering tool. A little too much heat will lift the trace off the pc board and then you end up with a new re-work headache! Also, if the part is thru-hole mounted, the leads may have been bent before soldering. In this case you may have to pull while heating to straighten the bend ... don't push back towards the board or again you risk detaching the pcb trace!

Thanks for the input gents.  It turned out to be a faulty transformer.  At least I hope so. 
I'll know for sure after dinner tonight.   O0


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