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Manual for the Commercial Whirlpool CAM2762TQ3


Hi John,  I am needing the Manual for this Com-washer,   need to look at the electrical schematic,  as my son in the City is working on this unit.   We received the CD thanks, but he is still loading and organizing the two tablets we got, and he is in the City, and I am in my little town,  and would like to view things in order to talk to him with any knowledge of this washer, as I haven't worked on this washer before. 
The problem is this Commercial washer will fill to start the wash program, but it doesnt fill RIGHT up, almost, but not quite.  IN the rinse cycle it will only fill half way.  This washer has a high level pressure switch, and a low pressure switch.    He also said that when he make a selection and pushes in the low setting, the high level pops out, but on the other two washers next to it,  neither do that, so we are thinking its the switch, but need the manual to varify what contacts in the switch are up and which are down, and why this washer isn't filling all the way up in the rince cycle.   :thanks: hey John.   Brent@CanBC

They set these up with a half tub rinse to meet energy regs.  You need to open up the console and swap molex plugs, then you'll get a full rinse.

TGoods,  thanks for the post.   My son got it all figured out.  He went back to the two other ones, and tested them, and they also did the same,  then he got into his manuals on his tablet and the manual said what your post said, so he changed the molex plug that was all taped up, and it did full to the full setting, then advised the Apt-ment manager,  and he said to put it back to the lower setting till he gets advice from the owners.
 So thanks for the infor.  I had went to a new hotel here in my small town,  and they had 3 of these new Whirlpool washers with the low rinse setting,  and I had not run into this before, so the maintainance man couldn't garrantee me my money if I fix'd it, so nothing more was done, so didn't get to figure out why I was getting the lower rinse setting, so left with things as I found them.
 I did remove the controls and seen the two water level switches, but thats as far as I got. 
Thanks for the post TGoods.

You're welcome.


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