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Issues with Kenmore FGUB2642LF1 not making ice.


First of all the fridge is giving a code T3.  This reads as a thermistor failure, so I am installing this part first.

   I have ran a few diagnostics and the switches are good, the heater works, the fingers cool, the fan comes on, the water will fill when the test is run.  Everything but the thermistor seems to check out.

The problem is, I have never worked on this type of unit before.  It is overly complex and I am afraid I may be wrong.

  Compounding problems, the customer has worked on it himslef a little and may have switched the two plugs that are interchangeable around.

      I am going there tomorrow and know its late and replies won't happen by then.  I am just going to do the install, proclaim it fixed and pray it is fixed.  But if not, maybe some insight into this model??
I couldn't find the manual for it, I would buy it. 

   I know it isn't in Freezer recovery mode.  Could a bad thermistor cause the problem? 

I would start as you have and replace the thermistor first.


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