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Hello I have a Kenmore Dryer Series 80 Gas dryer that is not heating correctly. The exhaust vent is clear. It turns on fine and even fires up the first time you turn it on. After the heat shuts off it doesn' come back on. I can see the glow plug lighting up but the gas doesn't ignite.  I changed out the Thermostat Internal bias that was connected to the exhaust Part #3387134. It showed continuity but I changed it out anyway and that didn't help. I also checked for continuity for the Thermal cut off and High limit thermostat Kit parts 280010 and they had continuity. I didn't change them out. Do you have any suggestions? Should I change out those two parts as well?

Gas valve coils, 279834.

I'll try and switch them out is this dangerous at all. I'll turn the gas off of course!

Nope, not dangerous at all. Of course, always disconnect power before servicing.

Here is a video that will show you how to change them.

Gas Coil Kit Help Video


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