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Whirlpool Dishwasher GU90-SCGT3 Leaks from Door!


Our dishwasher has been leaking on and off for years now.  This morning was the last straw.  While my handy husband was trying to figure out where the leak was coming from, I started querying the internet and found this website.  Thanks to a post from 2008 that made reference to a vent in the upper left hand corner that clogs up, we were able to finally fix our leak without calling a repairman or taking the whole thing apart.  The dishwasher is over 10 years old, so you know the vent had quite a buildup. 

This is an awesome sight.   Thank you so much! :thanks:

Glad you found our site helpful.
Thanks for posting!  O0

This is awesome!  :D


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