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Danby does not dry


I need some help. I have a Danby Dishwasher Model # DDW1809W space saver. Purchased Dec 2010.  Here is my issue. About 6 months ago it stopped drying. Rinse agent is full once done going thru wash cycles it beeps telling me it done, open up washer its warm to hot but dishes are still wet. Even if I let sit for an hour after done washing still wet.  Please help.

Thank You Angela.

Sorry, this 18 inch dishwasher is a energy saving dishwasher, no element to dry the dishes, just heat the water.

seems to dry the dishes the first 1 1/2 of service. No it does not. Anymore thoughts. Thank you

I can not find any parts breakdown on this model. No heater as stated above, but I would imagine it has a condensate drying system or at the least, a damper for drying. I would possibly take outer door skin off to examine behind. Frigidaire uses a wax motor at the end of the cycle to open a damper, but they have a heater built in. Check incoming water temps just to make sure.  :D

Here's a parts breakdown. Check the continuity of your heater, 674001100022.  I didn't see a damper, but I didn't look very hard, need to get going on my calls.


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