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Heat pump performance in cold weather.

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My heat pump doesn't provide much heat as the outdoor temperature approaches 30 F. Is there a better gas for a heat pump that will improve the performance of heat pumps in lower temperatures?



Like different refrigerant be put in to your heatpump for better performance? LOL no. Your compressor and overall unit are dedicated to the refrigerant designed for it. Proper charge would help. :D

OK, so a custom gas mix is out of the question.

I have a new 40# cylinder of R22 sitting in the garage. So, now all I need is some gauges to monitor pressure (vacuum) and fill the system to specification or to some level to optimize the cycle.

Is this something I should tackle myself? I understand the basics of refrigeration but have little experience other than filling the car with R134a from time to time.

Are there any how to videos anywhere that deal with this? Will I need to wait for hot weather to load the system correctly?

I understand that I could damage the system if I over fill or under fill it. Also, I plan to clean the evaporator coil and blow out the condensate drain line once I get into the air handler. Also, I am going to install a UV lamp in the air handler just before the evap coil to keep mold and mildew at bay.

So, give me your thoughts about these undertakings;

1- Go ahead. It sounds like your capable.

2- Your nuts. You have no idea what you're getting in to.

3- Call an ambulance before you begin work and have the EMTs standing by.

4- Stick to fixing your BMW motorcycle.

5- Call us once you recover from the explosions and electrical shocks.

6- Its easy. You'll do fine.

Please select one of the numbers for your response.



you need more auxillary heat.

Auxillary heat is the ticket for a heat pump in a mild climate.


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