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Door removal from Frigidaire FMV156EMC

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Of course it does and your instructions have led to exposing the screws that hold the door handle in place. Thank you for your help.

I find that upon further examination of the door handle design, the engineering is flawed. Also, the molded plastic handle (likely ABS Shore A, durometer 80) incorporates a molded plastic boss feature that the top screw threads into. This boss is broken off the molded door handle leaving the top of the handle unsecured and the likelihood that the bottom fastener will shear the lower boss with the handle coming completely away from the door. So, its time for some top notch re-engineering, an electric drill and a longer screw.

I hope I don't hurt anybody (or myself).

Thanks again for the help getting into the door assembly., where is that drill....../


I added a longer screw like mentioned above to the last one I encountered. Good job. :D

Ya know, it used to be that when you had a problem with something mechanical or electrical and you did not have the repair documents and you were wingin’ it, you might venture down to the local tavern, sit down and have a cold malt beverage with your buddies and engage in conversation something like…”Hey Joe, my oven doesn’t work too well….the set temperature doesn’t agree with the thermometer I have in the oven and the wife is complaining that her pies are not baking properly. Whaddaya think is wrong”?

“Well Fred, if you turn the temperature knob ………”

Nowadays, we just turn on the PC and visit some website where there are fellows like you who have all the knowledge that they are willing to share….just like Joe down at the tavern….but, the trip to the tavern is unnecessary….kinda makes you sad….I used to learn a lot at the local tavern when I was a kid…for instance, my new 1968 Buick had a hesitation…my Buick mechanic friend Vern said, “Hey, it’s a faulty stack wire on the coil”. He was right.

I miss the tavern and the face to face…as a society we’re losing that face to face communication. Kids these days don’t know how to talk…its “Well, ya know, um….ahhh, I dunno, ya know what I mean”. They can’t put a good sentence together but they can sure play video games.  :(

Thanks for the help. One day, I hope I’ll see you at the tavern.  :cheers:



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