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Door removal from Frigidaire FMV156EMC

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I'm reasonably bright but, I cannot figure out how to remove the door from my microwave oven. The top of the door handle has come loose and so needs to be reattached at the top before it breaks. Once I get the door off, I'll need some direction as to how to gain access to the screws that hold the handle on. Oh, will it never cease?



Remove the choke cover on inside of door IN place. Screws should present themselves.  :D


I have no idea how to remove the choke cover or even what a choke cover is ( I suspect it keeps the MW energy inside the appliance).  :oops:

There are no visible screws or clips on the door assembly.

Sorry, I'm lost and need more direction....

Here is a photo (2) of the door...

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Take a putty knife to the inner plastic cover. The cover has clips around the perimeter. :D


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