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Looking for repair manual Samsung RS267lash


I've got to replace the evaporator assembly (for the second time in 4 years) on my Samsung RS267lash. I was able to find a repair manual the last time I needed it, but I can't seem to find it now.

Can anyone out there help me out with a replacement manual? I think I can do it without the manual, but the way this fridge is holding up, I'm sure I'll need it again eventually.

Many thanks.



Service manual sent via PM.

Hope it helps,

Is your evaporator leaking or is the defrost heater bad?  I've had good luck removing the heater from the new evaporator and installing on the original evap.  Saves a lot of time and expense.

Boyce Byerly:
AJ from Appliance Junk posted a link to their share drive, which contains manuals.  I have the same model, and here's the closest match:

Hope it helps!



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