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problem rebuilding gearcase Whirlpool direct drive washer WTW5505SQ1

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I'm trying to rebuild the gearcase of the Whirlpool direct drive washer WTW5505SQ1. The problem was that it wasn't neutral draining and would drain and spin at the same time. I got a neutral drain kit that included all the parts including the spin gear and have replaced all the old parts but when I test it out (gearcase open and running in agitate for 13 rotations and then in spin) it neutral drains for about 3 rotations and then starts spinning.

Help appreciated.

It needs full motor speed to work right.  Put it back in the washer and check it out.  I've never had one fail to go into neutral after installing this kit.


I'm about ready to put everything back together, but there's a problem with the shaft seal. It doesn't seem to have one. I've attached a picture. When I tried scratching where the seal should have been it looked like it was metal.

Then you will need oil seal kit part # 285352

I've never seen one fall out on its own. I haven't put one in recently but I think they have a metal outer case so you can tap it in. Its hard to tell from the picture but the hole would be deeper if the seal was missing.


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