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Kenmore HE Topload Washer Out of Balance (Display shows UE) Model 796.29002000

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I have owned my Kenmore 796.29002000 for 2 years plagued with the dreaded UE error code. Shortly after I got the washer, I called in a service request and a technician was dispatched. The tech said "I need to do a firmware update, that should solve your problem". He did his updates and left. I continued to experience the UE issue almost every load. The loads would finish, but it might take 2 - 3 hours to complete. Not a good thing with two teenaged girls and a wife in the house making lots of laundry. I turned in another service request and the tech came out and pronounced that everything was working properly and it was working as designed. Lately it had gotten to a point where the UE code would happen on every load. I knew that I had to do something, I started doing research and found this forum. I must say that I learned that this was a common problem. From what I read, I went ahead and ordered and replaced support rods. Unfortunately the problem still persisted.  I located the LG service bulletin and started checking things further, popped the pulsator cap and checked to make sure that the nut was tight, I was able to snug it slightly, but I knew that probably was not the issue. I opened the back and did a visual inspection of the sensor, pulled it and wiped the lint off the face between the prongs. I ten tilted the washer forward to remove the stator and Lo and Behold, the 24 mm nut was loose! When I say loose, I was able to tighten it 2 1/2 turns. Once tightened I put everything back together and did my first load of towels.....Sat there watching the time count down, then I saw something I hadn't seen  in a long long time "End". I reloaded with a full load of clothes and went for broke. Started the cycle "Normal" mode and waited. 56 minutes counted down without any pauses and resets and I feel that this issue has finally been resolved! Got a kiss from the wife and a "My Hero".  I couldn't have done it without the folks on here contributing their experiences and knowledge. :thanks: 

The bulletin that I was refering to:

Service Bulletin No.    WW/M20130359
Registration Date    2013-02-24
Subject    SVC Action for UE Error code after Recall S/W update by JIG or PCB
Applicable Serial No.    002xxxxxxxxx ~ 111xxxxxxxxx
Date Of Change    2013-02-23

Hi Steve,

Good to hear you found the problem, that's awesome!
I have attached a copy of that service bulletin for future reference.

Thanks for posting!

Just for the record the tech instructions to the Sears guys tell us to check rotor/stator (specially the nut) , check suspension, do the software update. If that fixes the problem good if not we then are susposed to replace the rotor and stator with hall sensor. The software update changes several things including error code. It institutes a Lower case ue to indicate off balance and machine is going into a routine to rebalance the UPPERCASE UE indicates unable to rebalance  and customer needs to redistribute clothes.

ALSO I MIGHT ADD: if your drain hose is not properly installed as per the owners manual you can get a siphon problem and this can and will cause a balance issue. because during the rinse/spin/rebalance if the tub does not fill up enough it is not able to redistribute the clothes properly. Under the right conditions the Siphon will only occurer mid cycle  and not during initial fill.


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