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Kenmore HE Topload Washer Out of Balance (Display shows UE) Model 796.29002000

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My washer is less than 1.5 Years Old and the display shows UE (Out of Balance) during Spin mode (with/without laundry). The Basket moves freely both direction's, Legs are level and the Support/Suspension Rod's look fine. I checked the Sensor Assembly (p/n EBD50360202 located in lower rear corner by Drain Pump) with Multimeter and it has NO Continuity (the wire harness has continuity). I looked inside the Cabinet for a Tech Sheet to assist me but it wasn't there >:( . Therefore, would the part mentioned above cause the UE error code? If not, do you have a Service Manual or can you tell me how to run a Diagnostic Test.

Some of these washers were fixed by removing the counterweight at the base of the tub and adding 2 springs. I believe their is a buletin on it:
I do not know if it applys to your washer.

My Washer is made by LG (not Whirlpool) and I found the Service Manual from your website (listed under LG Top Load Washer). Anyway, I got it to spin in the Diagnostic Test then I ran the Drain/Spin Cycle and it worked :) . Therefore if it happens again, I'll test the Hall Sensor (aka Rotor Position Sensor) with my Multimeter.

That sensor that you have checked is for the waveforce feature (Called something else for Kenmore.) If the waveforce feature is powerful enough to cause slight splashing, it will accumulate on the top of the tub cover and localize in the 10 o'clock position into a funnel. This funnel is located directly above that sensor. It drips on the sensor and tells the computer, HEY SLOW IT DOWN BOSS! It should read open when dry, and closed when wet from splashing. This sensor has NOTHING to do with uE/UE errors. The only 2 parts associated with those errors are the Hall effect sensor, and DISPLAY pcb(Holds the software on TOP loaders). The Main pcb and wiring carry out the orders of the Display pcb. LG WT5001 and WT5101 were recalled due to possible injury of persons and machine having software that may not detect an out of balance condition. If the unit flashes unbalanced even when EMPTY, I would recommend having the software version checked to be sure it was up to date. I would believe that the hall sensor is ok, being that it is updated. Hope this helps.:D

Sear's sent an Appliance Repairman who updated the Software but it didn't fix the problem.
Question: Does the UE error code only display during Spin or can it also display during Agitate/Wash?


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