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Frigidaire upper spray arm assembly - confused. Help please!

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Opened the dishwasher tonight to find the upper spray arm resting in the top tray on some bowls. It looks like this:

The part that's left in the top of the dishwasher looks like this:

Apparently the real part looks like this:

From what I understand, the upper spray assembly does come apart, and you can just snap it back in. But I've tried pushing the arm into the sprocket looking thing, and I can't get it to snap into anything. What gives? It doesn't look like any clips are broken or snapped.

This is for a Frigidaire PLD4555RFC3.


Looks like you are missing the pin/ connector for the two pieces. Check the fiter/sump area?  :D

Thanks for the fast response! Okay, I found this pin in the filter area:

What's the connector look like? I can't find anything else down there.

Nevermind - figured it out. Thanks for your help!

Glad I was of assistance.  :D


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