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Got an LG washer model wm2501hva.
It has a pe error. Customer said they were washing a big comforter and then machine jumped all around and then pe started beeping.  I unplugged it. Checked the drain for fun. Its clean. The pressure switch was still connected.  The local guys didnt have the switch in stock.  Does it sound like thats the issue, or is there something else to check?

Enter diagnostic mode and press play 3 times to activate your water solenoid. The machine should register ~260 on the display when empty. While filling, it should register as low as ~230 on the display and shut off when full. Check air chamber and hose for abnormalities.  Pins 1 (far left) and pin 3 (far right) should read 21-23 ohms give or take 10%. Hope this helps. :D

I did happen tocheck the reistanceof pins 1and 3 and it was within that range.

I should mention that when i got there,the machine was unplugged. Wheni plugged it in, it appearsnormal, then after a few seconds it starts beeping and flashing pe, evenbefore i press start. All i did was turn the knob. 

The only way that should appear like that, is when the machine has the sensor Unplugged and powered ON.  Hmm. It does not seem to recognize the pressure switch.  :D


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