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LG Front Load Washer not spinning freely

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Model: WM2277HW   6 years old
Heading out on this tomorrow.  Customer says there is drag at one spot in the washer when she spins the drum.  Say's it will not work with any load in it...this is all I have...should be fun. 
Something stuck in the tub...bad bearings...hall sensor...cracked stator...etc?  I think I better start really studying LG and Samsung...starting to see more and more...
I'm not looking forward to pulling the darn tub apart to find a coin or pencil that made it's way through...oh well, there's worse things :) ...except the dryer is stacked on top :(

One of those fun ones where only the tech there can accurately diagnose. Check to make sure that the rotor(Magnet Dynamic Part) bolt(17mm) has not worked its way loose causing the plastic splines to become stripped (They have updated this part with metal inserted version).If it has become loose the rotor MAY be rubbing the stator in one spot. I have never seen any failure related to a stator other than hall sensor, period. Rotors are pretty tough as well being the only failure I have ever seen is the stripped gear in the center. I have never found broken magnets either. The hall sensor may be goofing up if the drum slows in a certain spot, UNDER POWER. I have never seen this happen. Coins should make their way down to the strainer assembly. Bra wires are what tend to get stuck between the tubs. It should have a heater in the bottom of the front outer tub assembly that can be removed to inspect the bottom. Bearings can go in 1 year or 10, all depends. Good luck and let us know! :D

Great info, Thanks Domain!  I will let you know what I find!

It's fairly rare to find debris/obstruction between the tub and tank.

If the Main Bearing is deemed "good" and the customer has not had the Hall Effect Sensor replaced previously....

Replace the HALL EFFECT SENSOR (6501KW2002A)

Well, I could move the inner basket about 4-5+ inches front to back (past the boot if I really wanted to) and a couple inches up and down...ruh roh...rotor and shaft would spin and basket stood still unless manually picked up...again...ruh roh...took rotor off and could spin the shaft with my hand listening to growling noise and no tub's WOW time (Whip Out Wallet).  Gave a worst case scenario price for inner basket with spider and outer tub with bearings.  She is thinking about it...hate to give that kind of news... :(


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