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Micro. no power after bulb put in and spark's flew

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Model: MWV4205BA   Serial: 16324868NP
Customer was putting in a new bulb underneath and sparks flew and now no display to the microwave.  Fuses are good but no tech sheet and really don't want to go wire by wire and guess what's what so does anyone happen to have a tech sheet/wiring diagram for this model or suggestions.
Thank you as always for your help.

I'm not having any luck with that model #. My best guess is that the surface lights are switched thru the control board. most likely that the glass in the bulb twisted in the base causing a short, taking out the control board. I've seen it happen. take the board out & look at the back side where the solder connections are. You'll most likely see a burned spot. Probably needs a new control.  :(

Sort of what I thought...I'm wondering which one got hit.  There is the small one (inexpensive) which I think is the newer way of stepping up the voltage (has the low and high V fuse on it) and the main board at the consol (expensive).  Would you guess the expensive one?  I have power to the smaller step up board that appears in and out.  Power at each side of fuse but not through the fuses...hoping it's the inexpensive one.
I'm not great with microwaves...only see one every six months or so with new ones priced the way they are not worth repair a lot of times.

Bad md # what brand is it?

It's a Maytag...I've been having problems finding diagrams too.  I've been crossreferencing between sites.  I have the service manual for it but no wiring diagram and it's not much help...


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