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My Whirlpool washer Ultimate Care II model LSQ964KQ1 won't agitate or spin.  It does drain.  When it is supposed to agitate or spin it makes a loud humming noise.  Can you give me some direction as to what is wrong and how to repair it?  TIA!

This washer is a direct drive model. it does not have a belt. Situated between the motor and tranny is a coupler. If the washer is overloaded with a rug or has too little water and too big of a load these couplers break. Sometimes just age breaks em, wear and tear. Easy fix. On these washers the case is easily removed so you can access the innards. I made a page chock full of repair videos on these washers. Check it out: DIRECT DRIVE WASHER

Thanks for the info.  We'll pull apart the washer and check it out. 


Sounds like a bad motor coupler, part # 285753A

Here is a video you may find helpful.
Motor Coupler Help Video

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for posting!



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