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Service Manual for Samsung DMT800RHS dishwasher


Power went out.  Dishwasher now flashing error code CE.  Called Samsung, they don't know what it is?  Replaced main PCB.  Still unresponsive.  Nothing on touch pad is functional.  Can't get into service mode.

Service manual would be extremely helpful.



This probably won't help, but the samsung washers have a 'ce' error code.  it has to do with the water temp.  If by chance they use the same code for your dishwasher, you might check the heating element, or any thermistors that keep track of water temp.

Dishwashers are often pretty sensitive about water temp, 'cause squirting cold water, no matter how much soap, won't get things too clean.

You might also search around under the thing or inside the door panel for a tech sheet.

I don't see anything listed for CE. Could it possibly be displaying something else?

Here is a tech sheet.;sa=view;down=353

Check for broken wire under front panel near where door open & closes. Check wires @ junction box.


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