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Wall Thermostat Blues

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Bugs finally managed to kill my old wall tstat. I went down to the supply store and bought a 21 dollar heat cool tstat. The dang thang turned out to be a dud. I was forced to buy a digital wall thermostat because they was out of the old mercury bulb style. The stat cost 29 bucks and is awesome. Very easy to install.

What brand did you get? At that price it must not be programable which is best for simplicity. Who needs a set back at 9am them a set up at 3pm?  :cheers:

JW every time I have to install a new one it seems there are more things added. I always think of Jumptrout he seems to know about everyone of them.I have to read and reread the directions about 3 or 4 times. I really hate hearing from the customer, I bought mine because my friend just loves hers,it programmable. And I love the way it lights up ? When can you install it. They said at the store its really easy??

They are easy to install,it's the programming that's a bear! :D

Agree  O0


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