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Maytag A608 motor/transmission woes?

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My Maytag A608 started having poor agitation speed. I removed the belts and the trans belt is well worn. I replaced it with a 1/2 X42" belt from the local auto parts store (the Maytag part number cross-refrenced this belt size.) Now, agitation is fine, BUT the unit will not spin: the motor cuts out after two or three "clicks." The motor is hot to the touch. When it cools, the same thing happens again.
So, do I have a bad motor, a troubled transmission, or some other issue?

That belt won't work on a Maytag. Automotive type belts are designed to not slip, while a washing machine belt like the Maytag have to slip at the beginning of the spin cycle. The motor needs to come up to full speed but the tub is full of water which is creating drag. So the belt acts as a clutch and slips. As the water is pumped out the motor is pulling back on the belt and can eventually get the tub up to speed. Buy the right belt.

I agree. I would also recommend replacing both the drive belt and pump belt at the same time, belt kit part # 402507

Thanks for the help!
I never would have thought that there was a difference in the "friction" of the washer belt vs. an automotive belt, but after your explanation, it makes perfect sense.
Installed the belts and the machine works like new.
BTW, this is the first repair to the washer since I bought it NEW in 1974!
We like this washer so much that, four years ago, we bought a used one for a friends "camp" that we frequently use.
Thanks, again!

Good to hear, thanks for the update.  O0


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