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How to Remove EOC/Timer from Frigidaire FGF379WECS + Replace S/S panel

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--- Quote ---If I remember correctly, you need to remove the top console trim or the strip below the glass to remove the glass. I'm working from memory here.

--- End quote ---
I spent some time yesterday trying to figure out if the control panel removes via a similar mechanism as found on some oven doors. No success yet (it's really hard to see in that area) but I wasn't even sure if this method made sense for the local. Thanks for giving me hope :)

Solved the problem(finally). This post is for future reference of anyone else facing the same problem.
Remove the bottom screws on both the left and right sides of the support back-guard (part 15 or 15A depending on model) and the glass panel that holds the EOC/oven timer will fall away. Be sure to place something atop the rangetop to break the fall as I'm sure you don't want to replace the glass panel as well  :P.

Happy repairs out there to you all.

Thanks for the update and tips.  O0


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