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How to Remove EOC/Timer from Frigidaire FGF379WECS + Replace S/S panel

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I've had a lovely day of watching youtube videos that would make perfect sense if only I could access my timer from the back ::). But no go for this model. When the back panel is removed you can plainly see the pointy tips of the screws that hold it in place which I guess means the screw heads are located in the front. I've already removed the screws from the top trim canopy/shield hoping this would do the trick. Nope.
So far, I removed the top screws from the  backguard support thinking this would release the end caps. Which it didn't.

So can anyone please please tell me how to remove the front panel. I've felt along all sides of the front panel and feel no screws. Oh and I ripped the stainless steel skin off the front panel by accident. Think I can glue it back on to the glass?

Well I solved the s/s panel oops removal by using a high heat silicone adhesive. From the feel and look of the product it's probably the same adhesive originally used.

Now to drink a cuppa and resume thinking through the front panel removal problem which of course is now driving me a little crazed. I probably should find a two year old to take it apart. They can break anything.

If I remember correctly, you need to remove the top console trim or the strip below the glass to remove the glass. I'm working from memory here.

Some pictures might help. This is one of those where you really need to have the appliance in front of you to figure it out.

Hoping these pics are good enough for others to see what I do:

A picture of the range minus the stainless steel skin which exposes the glass faced control panel

Closeup of the existing EOC/oven timer in place.

Side birds eye view of the unit minus the trim/canopy shield(part 21 in factory parts catalog):

close up of screw positions of EOC/Timer:

Sorry pics are so big. Still wrangling with the beta PhotoBucket


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