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Dryer knocking sound.



My dryer Maytag MDE4000AYW (NEPTUNE)  start develop knocking sound when working.  Itís look like something  knocking on the  cabinet on the left side of machine.  What is can be? 
Where I can find service manual  to see how to disassemble  machine ?

Thank you



--- Quote ---Where I can find service manual  to see how to disassemble  machine ?
--- End quote ---

Just for future reference it can be found here in our store.;sa=view;id=99

But being you started a new topic in our forum sharing with us what is wrong with your dryer I'm sending you a free copy of the service manual via PM.

I would take a look at the drum support rollers, belt and idler wheel.

Drum Roller Help Video

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

The heating element is mounted inside a mailbox on the lower left hand side of the machine. The knocking is probably a bad wheel form the heat off the element. Very common and easy to repair. To get inside you first remove the door and since the door is reverse-able you also remove the screws on the opposite side of the goalpost shaped front panel. The panel will then pop off and you can get to the hold down hooks that keep the top down. Once the top is up you can remove the front shroud that holds the filter and glides. Inspect the glides they should be nice and thick. Get the drum out after you release the idler and inspect the blower wheel for looseness, the rollers for stiffness and out of round and such.

Maytag dryers of this type have a problem with the screws backing out of the drum baffles and hitting the cabinet as the drum turns. I have a commercial dryer in an apartment complex that has a hole in the top because of this.


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