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Whirlpool refrig md# mfi2568aes

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Whirlpool refrig md# mfi2568aes. No ice production. Icemaker thermistor 1050 ohms at room temperature. Ice room damper opens and closes in diagnostic mode, but stays closed in normal run mode. I'm thinking control board is the most likely suspect,  I'm wondering if any of you guys have run across this problem before. The thermister for the ice room is p# 67006438 you can see that it comes with a new wiring harness and I am curious to know what the deal is with this. I'm thinking this thermister is probably the same as p# 12002355  would love some feedback. Thanks.


Has no one out there had any experience with this "ice box" icemaker in the wpl ref?

This looks like Maytags ICE2o model. I think there is a service manual in AJ's collection. I've only worked on one of these, so can't offer any advice.

Thank you but I already have a manual. I was looking for someone with some hands on experience with this particular box.


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