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I just placed my order with Duluth Trading Co.

I use to hate ordering cloths online, but as I get older I hate going out shopping for them now, lol...

They seem to have a lot of nice items. Will start with the longtail t-shirts and go from there.

When your built like the hulk it can be hard to find good fitting clothes. ;)

ok, just a little tip if your going to order from Duluth Trading.
Sign up for their email newsletter before ordering. Could have saved 20%...

Guess I can use it next time.

My knees in my pants always wear through. I just bought some Dickies DOUBLE KNEE black pants. YEAH BABY. I use a large moving blanket folded up for kneeling on. When I need to lay down, I unfold it!

Let us know how them Dickie pants work out for you. Knee's wear out fast for me too. Been looking at some different pants too.
Don't care to spend a lot on clothes as they never last forever, unlike a good tool. :)

Guess if a guy pays more for clothes that last longer then it all the same in the end, except you may end up with more comfortable clothes to start with.


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