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--- Quote from: AJ ---bigbuck, does the material in front of the knee pad hold up pretty good to wear and tear?
Wondering if they hold up longer then a regular pair of jeans.
--- End quote ---

Yes, made very strong, don't wear mine everyday, but have had 3 yrs. now & are holding up very well.

Duluth trading co. also has work pants with knee pad pockets

andersenappliance, have you tried their work pants with knee pad pockets?
If so what do you think of them? They look like they have a lot of nice products.


--- Quote from: Yodog on February 07, 2013, 01:27:16 AM ---Do appliance repair men have bad backs or knees? is this jobs hard on the body? could a person still do appliance repair when there in their 70's or older?  I'm thinking about learning this craft, I'm 28 now and in good physical shape.

--- End quote ---
Man, your talkin more than 40 years from now. Now that's planning ahead. Seriously, bad back and bad knees. I take it really easy. I do not deliver or strain myself in any way. Us older guys need to be careful and especially when getting on a roof. If we get hurt, nobodies gonna pay our bills!

Harold, I like your new avatar, lol...


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