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--- Quote from: JWWebster on February 11, 2013, 05:13:39 PM ---Saw some foam kneeling pads at the dollar store for $1. Just a piece of styrofoam with a hole in one end for a carry handle.Near the gardening stuff.

--- End quote ---

Yep JW the Styro kneeling pads is what I use, find them much better than knee pads. You can get some with a waterproof cover as well.

When I first started an old technician told me we were on our knees more than a preacher. I have a drawer full of perfectly good pants except the knees are worn through. My wife has always been after me to wear knee pads but they are just to awkward and uncomfortable. That little gardners pad JW described works pretty good. I really like the idea of those pants with the knee pads except paying that much I would want the material to not wear through quickly.

when use them i like kneeling pads as i dont like something rubbing in my knee joint.


--- Quote ---Wonder how well these would work?

Burson work pants with built-in removable knee pads
--- End quote ---

I have 3 of these pants , very nice, remove pad only when washing but very nice & pad there when you need it.

bigbuck, does the material in front of the knee pad hold up pretty good to wear and tear?
Wondering if they hold up longer then a regular pair of jeans.


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