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Do appliance repair men have bad backs or knees? is this jobs hard on the body? could a person still do appliance repair when there in their 70's or older?  I'm thinking about learning this craft, I'm 28 now and in good physical shape.

You can wear a back brace when needed, wear knee pads, or use a pad when kneeling on floor, should be ok. 70 years old=should be retired when you get this old. :)

Use a pad on the floor,looks professional and you are protecting the floor. I carry 3 moving pads (3x6 foot) and they work great.

I don't plan on retiring,  I am 60 & still going strong.  If you are doing something you enjoy why quit?   Are you going to 'retire' from fishing when you turn 70?

I have a bad back and knees from working in an auto plant. Those Japanese cars and trucks are kinda small. Now i try to use knee pads and use plastic moving skids to move stuff around.

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