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Whirlpool Washer Went Dead



Model Number: LHW0050PQ1 , the customer was washing a load of clothes and the unit stopped and the display went dark. There was also a noticeable burning smell from the unit. After removing the top panel, the source the of odor become apparent. It looks like a relay on the control board stuck in the closed position and overheated resulting in a lot of heat being generated. The damage started at the control and continued on to the main wiring harness , so both item's needed replacing.

Hi Brian,
Bit of info you might be interested in - that's a Merloni-built machine from Italy. We have them under all sorts of different brand names over here; all cheap and unreliable.

The Minisel PCBs regularly burn out; fortunately we have an excellent firm called EMW who refurbish them for 32 a pop! LINK.

Loom is not a spare part in the UK, so we have to re-make the terminals with AMP tags - gives a better contact anyway.


Hey thanks Penguin,

They show up here too under a bunch of brand names.  This unit is a series 1 from Whirlpool and they tend to have more control issues than the more current productions which changed to a different control and motor controller along with a new wiring harness (pay attention when ordering control parts for these) for series 2-4.  The more current models have worked better and the boards are much less expensive than the series 1 so they often get repaired along with new terminal connectors instead of being replaced.  Now if we can get people to stop using to much detergent in these things, we might actually be able to make them work properly.



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