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Wpl Elec Range


All Brand:
Does any have wiring schmatic to WPL MOD# RF363PXDN-O The plug connectors disconnected and plug can go either way to P-3 and P-5 Donot want to short out ? Customer removed and no wiring with this older unit. I am changing the control and the did move the connectors to different areas on new Board P#8190664.Thxs Dave all brand appliance


I have attached the wiring diagram, sorry for the late reply.

Hope it helps.

All Brand:
Thanks you ,Been snowed in up here in CT.Unable to get back to call, hopefully soon. thxs again

All Brand:
Thanks again went back THESE WPL PARTS ARE GARBAGE !!!!!!!!!!!! Older stove they cross to new part number,Connection different locations, repackaged box 258.89 for part NO Display F-1 code I spend more time filing Narda forms than working???


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