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Kenmore 110.28622700 Top Load - no spin. Details inside.

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Alright so I will try and get you all as much information as possible. I have been pretty thorough in tearing this machine apart and can't for the life of me figure it out. Here is the model specification again:

Kenmore  110.28622700 Top Load Washing Machine

- Runs all cycles besides spin

- Replaced clutch assembly
- Checked for proper hamper spin with manual brake disengagement when the motor/transmission was out
- Checked for proper hamper spin after replacement clutch/ old trans/motor assembly installed by hand
- Checked motor couplers for cracks. This model has the newer couplers with metal inserts for the motor/trans drive
- Pump functions fine in all cycles. Water levels appropriate when filling. Fills for both wash and rinse cycles. Pumps all water out at end of rinse cycle.
- Agitates (or did) when reassembled fully. Dogs/pawls look to be clean. The teeth engage solidly by hand in the agitator.
- Replaced the timer assembly in case the motor was not being allowed to pause and reverse (maybe some other electronic I am overlooking?)

So the motor runs when set to spin. It just doesn't seem to turn the clutch to disengage the brake to spin the tub. Is it something in the transmission gone bad? It almost has to be, but I don't know what it could be.

Any advice or help with things I have overlooked would be great. I am stumped.

If the coupler is good and the clutch doesn't spin, it's a bad transmission.


--- Quote from: tgoods on February 06, 2013, 12:50:30 AM ---If the coupler is good and the clutch doesn't spin, it's a bad transmission.

--- End quote ---

If you've checked the clutch & the coupler, try this 388253.  Open up the tranny, flush everything out, and replace the gear with this bad boy.  A pint of 90 wt. gear oil, plus tighten the cover back on (eased away from the shaft) and you'll be back in business.

You should have had a bit of noise or a broken coupler or two first, though.

Thanks all for the replies. It was 100% the transmission. Something in the drive assembly had given out. I called a tech and had them come and confirm that it was the tranny. I bought a new one from them direct and installed it myself. All is functioning normally.

Now I want to rebuild the old one. The part posted was for a "drain kit". I am wondering if this would be what was wrong? I am going to pull it apart and inspect the individual components first. I just want to rebuild it so in the future I have on that is good to go if my new one gives out.

Again, thank you for your prompt and accurate replies. I also work in a labor based service industry, so it is nice to get a response from professionals such as yourselves.


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