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Figidaire French Door Water Tank Freezing


Model# FPHB2899LF6 is the latest Frigidaire french door unit I have worked on and found a no ice/no water at dispensor condition caused by a FROZEN water tank/bladder/coil. Customer claims temperature is too warm for a fridge so she has turned the unit down to the lowest set point to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. I found under a product like butter tub, the temp was 28.6 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm thrown for a loop due to the fact that she believes it is too warm (38-40 degrees says things spoil quickly) and when she tries to compensate with the set points, it seems to go below freezing.(28.6 degrees) The water tank on this model is located directly above the ff return and tech support says the evap gaskets could bleed evap exhaust onto the coil or the duct tower gasket could do the same(Checked with fan on seemed OK). I know that temp sensors have a swing so I am not super sure if that's my problem, because nothing in the fresh food section has frozen. Please help me get this thing taken care of in one more trip with parts. PLEASE and thank you. -Domain :D

Bump. Please help.  :D

Sorry I haven't run into this problem myself. Have her read her owners manual. That should tell her what the proper temp will be. My Jenn Air says 37 degrees is the proper temp.

That's ok, appreciate the input! Had another one today with a frozen coil. Call got cancelled by customer because when she unplugged the unit for a while, it started dispensing again and ice production resumed later. That particular fridge was only 2 months old. The other technician at our shop mentioned he recently had a frozen tank on a unit as well, well within warranty. Technical support led him to thaw the water coil and be on his way. I see a service flash or TSB in the near future.... :D


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