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Samsung rs2530bbp Icemaker, compressor Fan


Just wanted to say Thank You  :thanks:!  After reading this forum and a couple of others, It assisted me with fixing my Samsung,  I just wanted to summarize so others would not have to struggle.

If icemaker slows down to the point of hardly making cubes or sooner,  check for ice/frost in/on vents in freezer side.  More than likely yours evaporator fan is also frozen up.  I let mine go, thinking it was the icemaker, but in reality it was the fan and not allowing circulation to the refrigerator side.  Found this out by warm milk.  Good news Freezer stayed ice cold, bad news, alot of refer food went in the trash.  Internet said unplug for 24 to 36 hours to allow frost/ice to melt,  moved food to garage freezer and coolers, and wool-ah 24 hours later, plugged it in and worked like a champ, until...

Divider between side by side doors very hot to touch, oh its nothing, right.  Wrong, this forum straightened my out, but I'd like to add something.  Check your condenser fan, is it running, making noise?  Open the doors make sure there's a cooling demand so it starts.  Mine was running slowly, so I put the panel back on and looked through the vents with a flashlight and the blades had stopped turning.  Pulling air through the coils was enough to bog down and stop the fan motor.  Replaced motor and fan blade (read somewhere else fan gets brittle, so tried to remove before I got new one and it broke)  Now works like a champ!

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That's great! Awesome post!

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