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Traffic while traveling to customers


I work in the Baltimore area all day, I have to deal with traffic all day mostly in am & pm, like this am we had a little snow, & took 2 hrs. To get  15 miles away.  Sometimes it's clear & have a traffic delay just because lot more vehicles on the roads then the roads can handle. Anyone have same problem?

When I lived off the San Antonio-Austin corridoor that interstate highway would crawl at times.    live far from that now, also don't have the customers like one would have in the metropoliton area.

It takes me 15-30 minutes to get to a call here. When the wife and I go to Denver for a visit I think about driving between calls there.It would definitely add stress to your day. And to your vehicle.

bigbuck I service two metro areas. And I hate the traffic,I really don"t think I could handle it everyday.I get in the rural areas enough that it makes the drive in the city ok,but all the time ? :tickedoff:

Big Buck,
I have the same issue almost... Snow here in the Western Carolina Mountains today! But, this area is not a metropolis like you deal with, it is a rural area with mountain roads - curving and winding, it takes me 30 minuets to travel 15 miles. Good thing I enjoy the scenery, although it gets a little frustrating time to time when I'm traveling on a two lane (which is the majority of the time) and get behind someone going under the speed limit. I just have to remind myself that I'm likely behind a future customer and back off!


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