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Super Bowl 2013

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The owners and the players will win.  They get all that money win or lose. 

I dont care about sports so I could care less.  Voted for the niners since they're the local team...

Now NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing is my sport.  Go team Force!

I really don't care who wins. I'm just hoping for a good close game.... :popcorn: :cheers:

The City of New Orleans could have used a couple of you smart electrical guys to restore the load at the Super Dome. Lights out for 45 minutes? That's just dumb.  :2funny:

Also, not watching the load computer  :oops: when it is telling you that there is a load problem is....someone will get fired unless they know the mayor.

Excellent S/B game. The outcome was as expected. The last Ravens offensive play was around in the end zone, kill the clock and take the safety? S/F was caught completely off guard.  :-\


--- Quote from: def on February 05, 2013, 04:24:05 PM ---... Lights out for 45 minutes? That's just dumb.  :2funny:

--- End quote ---
actually . I think the "power" was restored quickly, but those types of lights take up to 20 minutes to re-start..
I tried to count the lights that went out (maybe 200)...
(there were more lights out than the ones on the field ..)

If they were each 1000w, that would be equivelent to 120v at about 2000 amps ...
... here's a screwdriver .. tighten that connection on the Circuit Breaker  :popcorn:


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