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Super Bowl 2013

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--- Quote from: RegUS_PatOff on February 05, 2013, 05:35:29 PM ---
--- Quote from: def on February 05, 2013, 04:24:05 PM ---... Lights out for 45 minutes? That's just dumb.  :2funny:

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actually . I think the "power" was restored quickly, but those types of lights take up to 20 minutes to re-start..
I tried to count the lights that went out (maybe 200)...
(there were more lights out than the ones on the field ..)

If they were each 1000w, that would be equivelent to 120v at about 2000 amps ...
... here's a screwdriver .. tighten that connection on the Circuit Breaker  :popcorn:

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It appears that one phase was lost, likely a large lag fuse in the power distribution equipment often located outside the building in a fenced area. Those fuses and the load on the transformers are monitored to preclude just such an event. There may have been confusion as to how to conduct the replacement of the fuse. Someone had to have access to the equipment (the key for the padlock) had to don the proper equipment, have the insulated pole ready and a new fuse on hand. As for the mercury vapor arc lamps, they will drop pressure in a few minutes and be ready to hot start much sooner than was observed. Also, the sideline equipment for SF had lost power.

No, I think there were people asleep at the switch or, there was lack of monitoring of the load and the equipment. We're talking about switchgear that handles 12,000 VAC (maybe more), 3 phase. The guys minding the store may have been only low voltage qualified. The Super Dome is old and dilapidated as is much of New Orleans. The millions they spent to spruce it up was installing new toilets, painting  and other cosmetic stuff. The infrastructure is pretty much junk.

New Orleans...too much drinkin'...not enough thinkin'.


--- Quote from: LowSL2 on February 01, 2013, 11:00:51 PM ---I dont care about sports so I could care less.  Voted for the niners since they're the local team...

Now NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing is my sport.  Go team Force!

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I watched a movie yesterday that had Tommy Ivo in it...TV Tommy Ivo...all his dragsters were Buick powered.

Used to watch Chris Karamesines in his Chizler at Union Grove, WI. The Greek still races form time to time (he's a privateer and so is spending his own money). 


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