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$160 hi limit thermostat on ge dryer WTF?

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I havent diagnosed it yet, he just said its running but not heating. I carry some common stats.ill post back after i check it iut


Looking at the dryer, i figure it has to be a tstat, igniter, or coils.

Thats GE for you. Its common to have extra extra high mark up on their parts but that is an extreme case. For example, probe for GE oven-$100. Every other brand that appears identical in all aspects, $14. :D

I had a ge fridge that needed a defrost stat and it was 80 bucks. The exact same stat in a samsung bag was 12 bucks. I also found a samsung pump for a maytag washer that was exactly the same for 1/3 the cost. Crazy how different mfgs charge more for identical parts.


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