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$160 hi limit thermostat on ge dryer WTF?

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I have to go see a customer in the morning with a ge dryer no heat. model number DVL223GA0WW.  I like to be prepared and make sure I have the common things.  I looked to see what safety thermostat it uses and the diagram shows me this part number : WE04X10017
ses My local parts store shows it is very expensive and i think it must be an error.  so I go to repair clinic and it is listed at $160!

Really?  looks like a regular old thermostat to me.

Whats the deal with that?

Wow, that has to be the most insane mark up I have ever seen on any part.

Maybe someday it will be cheaper for us to buy new appliances and part them out instead or ordering new parts.

The control stat is $80. Its the most basic dryer too.  Hopefully th igniter is the problem  :P

You could look for a generic L180 thermostat if nothing else. I don't see anything special with the WE04X10017

Guess the mount is different then what I was thinking on this one.


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